The LastQuake system

LastQuake is an earthquake detection and information system developed by the EMSC. The system is composed of a Twitter bot, a desktop and a mobile website, and a free and ad-free mobile application. LastQuake highlights earthquakes that have been felt by the population by collecting data via crowdsourcing and providing information for the public. The uniqueness of the system lies in its innovative, automatic, and multi-channel earthquake detection and information method.

When a shaking is felt, citizens look for information and rush to the EMSC detection platforms: the desktop and the mobile websites, the twitter channel, the LastQuake mobile app.

Increase of traffic
The rush of visitors generates a sudden increase in traffic on such platforms, suggesting the EMSC that a seismic event has probably occurred and been felt by the population.

Seismic data
In the meantime, the EMSC receives seismic data contributed by the seismological member institutes and disseminates earthquake information through its channels.

Reports of the shaking felt and the damages engendered are gathered through a series of cartoons. Earthquake eye-witnesses can accompany their testimony with comments, pictures, and videos to better illustrate the experience they just felt.