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Last update: 19 May 2016 at 11:47 UTC

With the support of THALES Foundation, LastQuake seeks to enable seismic risk reduction

LastQuake is a unique phone application providing seismological information in real-time. Our app only focusses on earthquakes felt by populations, and routinely delivers preliminary information in less than 2 minutes after the first felt tremors. There are currently 130,000 active users and our app is widely praised by the witnesses of earthquakes.

LastQuake is also remarkable for its ability to rapidly collect testimonials. Indeed, in Nepal, over 7,000 testimonies and 1,000 geolocated photos were collected during the devastating shock of 25 April 25th, 2015. After this crisis, Nepalese users expressed a wish to see safety instructions follow after an earthquake in LastQuake app. It is precisely on this point that the EMSC and THALES Foundation have decided to combine their expertise. Our common goal? Systematize the dissemination of early safety instructions that facilitate relief operations and reduce inappropriate behavior.

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