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Sonic boom felt like an earthquake by Californian residents

Last update: 10 April 2014 at 14:05 UTC

On April 9th, at 19:49 UTC (12:49 California time; PDT), a surge of web traffic has been detected on EMSC website. This surge was caused by Californian residents who felt a shake like if it was an earthquake. However, the NEIC did not report any earthquake in this region at that time. In 40 minutes, the EMSC collected 74 testimonies filled by people living either in Orange county of in L.A county, mostly along the coast.

Here below are the locations of these witnesses:

The geographic distribution of the witnesses tends to show that the source of the sonic boom was located at sea and seemed to move at a constant distance from the coastline. Indeed, the inland part of the region is extremely populated but only resident on the coastline have apparently felt it.

According to the local News, a Navy exercise was the source of this sonic boom: