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The EMSC newsletters are in Portable Data Format (PDF) and can be read using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a free software which can be downloaded from this site.
If you wish to receive a printed version of former newsletters, please send an e-mail to Rémy BOSSU :

N.24 - December 2009 low or high resolution file

Our new issue focuses on Educational Initiatives in the Euro-Med zone. Discover projects and actions taken in Italy, Switzerland, UK, Ireland and France to spread knowledge and teach seismology in schools.
Also in our Newsletter, updates on major projects (NERIES, QUEST etc.), latest news from the Mediterranean Region and recent earthquakes reports (L'Aquila, Gjorica).
And do not miss our introduction to SHERPA!

N.23 - April 2009 low or high resolution file

Here's the brand new issue of the EMSC Newsletter. Over 20 contributors, 56 pages and a new visual identity - have a look and tell us what you think! The file is available in high and low resolution. Please note that a paper version of the Newsletter has been sent out to members and contributors this week. We wish you a pleasant (and instructive!) read.

N.22 - May 2007
Special issue funded by EERWEM EC project
  • Earthquake monitoring and Earthquake Risk for Western Mediterranean (EERWEM): An EC-funded project to coordinate seismological networks in the Western Mediterranean
  • Moroccan Seismic Network and Data Exchange
  • The first steps of a new broad band seismological network (Scientific Institute-Morocco)
  • The Algerian digital network
  • The Algerian accelerograph network
  • The Tunisian National Meteorological Institute Modernizes the seismological network Project of co-operation Monaco - Tunisia
  • Libyan National Seismological Network (LNSN)
  • Regional exchange with northern africa
  • Broad band “western mediterranean” an ocean botton “fomar” seismological networks.
  • Recent improvements in the Broadband seismic networks in Portugal
  • The French Accelerometric Network (RAP): current state in 2007
  • Geofon and its role in earthquake monitoring
  • MedNet status report
  • The Unesco Tsunami warning system in the North-East Atlantic and Mediterranean basins
  • The recent 2007 Portugal earthquake (Mw=6.1) in the seismotectonic context of the SW Atlantic area
  • The Cape St. Vincent Earthquake of February 12, 2007 Macroseismic effects
  • Recorded ground accelerations in the 2007/02/12 SW CAPE ST. Vincent Earthquake
  • Macroseismic effects of the 2007 Cape St Vincent earthquake from the EMSC online questionnaire
  • On the use of Internet to rapidly collect earthquake impact information
N.21 - April 2004: low or high resolution
  • Database of Earthquake Mechanisms of the Mediterranean Area (EMMA) : a call for contributions.
  • The February 24th, 2004 Al Hoceima earthquake.
  • Structural analysis and interpretation of the surface deformations of the Al Hoceima earthquake.
  • Superconductiong gravimeters in seismology.
N.20 - September 2003: low or high resolution
  • Special session on Algerian earthquake of May, 21st 2003:
    • EMSC actions concerning the Boumerdes-Zemmouri event (21 May 2003)
    • The Boumerdes-Algiers earthquake (CRAAG, Algiers))
    • Analysis of strong motion records (CGS, Algiers)
    • A short note on building damage (CGS, Algiers)
  • Sources process from teleseismic data (Univ. Nice, LDG)
  • Monitoring of seismicity in Albania (SIA, Albania)
  • The CRAAG (Algeria)
  • Seismicity of Egypt (NRIAG)
N.19 - April 2003: low or high resolution
  • The ESC-SESAME Unified Hazard Model for the European-Mediterranean region
  • Observations and monitoring of the seismicity in Bulgaria
  • News of the EMSC
  • Seismic Hazard Assessment for Nuclear Power Plants Safety Laboratory (BERSSIN),Radioprotection and Safety Nuclear Institute (IRSN, France).
N.18 - September 2002
  • EMSC Early Warning System and Real Time Seismicity
  • National Institute of Research and Development for Earth Physics, Bucharest: 25 years of activity
  • The Field Investigation Team of the ESC: Proposals and present progress
N.17 - September 2001
  • Toward a Unified European- Mediterranean Seismological Bulletin
  • EC Project: EVR1-1999-40002 SMSITES : Developing Stress-Monitoring Sites and infrastructure for forecasting earthquakes
  • Towards A Macroseismic Survey Team for Severe Earthquakes in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin
N.16 - April 2000
  • Seismic Stations in CIS Countries (SSCC): Internet Accessible Database
  • Historical earthquake data in Europe and the Euro-Mediterranean Intensity Database
  • Database Schema ISC1.0
  • MFS_Strong Motion Databank and Database (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
N.15 - November 1999
  • Procedures for magnitude calculations in 24 seismological institutes

N.14 - April 1999
  • Data acquisition, data processings and datasets in 24 seismological institutes
N.13 - August 1998
  • AUTODRM - The First Seven Years
  • Parametric Data Access Through AUTODRM : European-Mediterranean Area
N.12 - February 1998
  • The EMSC one the Web
  • Suggestion for a new earthquake data parameter file format
  • The Geoscope Program and its Data Center
N.11 - July 1997
  • An Automated Data Processing Method For Mini-arrays
  • ESMC Strong Motion Database:WWW Interface
N.10 - September 1996
  • Measurement and application of strong ground motion in europe (masge)
  • A seismological bulletin for the europeanmediterranean region: objectives and recommendations
N.09 - April 1996
  • Fast earthquake information service (feis)
  • Creation of a european-mediterranean centre for the evaluation and prevention of seismic hazard (cepris) in rabat, morocco, in association with the eur-opa major hazard agreement (council of europe)
N.08 - December 1995
  • The joint seismic observation program (jsop) of the east mediterranean region
  • Jsop-2 : a new and improved data exchange experiment in the east mediterranean region
  • Rapid determination of epicentres at the emsc: current status and performances
N.07 - September 1995
  • A geographical information system for seismic applications
  • The european seismological parametric database:a progress report
N.06 - December 1994
  • Emsc rapid source parameter determination
  • Emsc strong motion database
N.05 - July 1994
  • Special Issue on Rapid Determination of Epicentres
  • Rapid determination of epicentres: first results
N.04 - January 1994
  • Rapid Determination of Epicentres
N.03 - October 1993
  • Follow up of the EMSC Assembly in Strasbourg
N.02 - December 1992
  • EMSC database - MEDEA
  • Rapid Determination of Epicentres
  • New agreement between EMSC and EOPGS
N.01 - May 1992
  • EMSC database - MEDEA
  • Rapid Determination of Epicentres
  • Activity related to the Council of Europe